Thanks a lot for your great support during all of this year.💜
You have been the exact and perfect person that I needed during that time of my life and I would like to express my infinite and sincere gratitude to you.



I went to Hilary for problems with alcohol. At the beginning I was in denial about the fact that this was the problem, even though it had been causing serious problems in a lot of areas of my life for years- I thought the problem was with the people around me. Hilary helped me to accept the fact that I had a problem with alcohol and to think about why I was drinking the way I was and what changes I wanted to make in my life. With her support I made some difficult decisions but it wasn't an easy process and there were a lot of ups and downs along the way. Hilary always took me as I was though and I'll always be grateful for this. The experience of being completely and non-judgmentally accepted for myself, warts and all, was so important. Once, when I tried to cancel a session because I'd been on a bender the night before and was so full of shame I just wanted to hide, Hilary persuaded me to have an online session (even though I would have paid for the cancellation anyway so she could just as easily have let me cancel). But she knew how I was feeling without me having to say it and knew exactly what I needed, so I turned on my camera and we had our session over Zoom, me in my bed with a hangover, and it saved me in that moment. I'd recommend her to anyone.



I want to thank you for everything you did. I often think about how I would never have made it through high school if it weren’t for all the help you gave me and so I am incredibly grateful for all our sessions.



I can highly recommend Hilary. She is a very professional therapist. Always well prepared and patient. She helped me to grieve about my mothers loss and helped me to find a way out of the first signs of burn-out. Without her I would be in a mental hospital now or not even on earth anymore. I am a stronger person now and so grateful that I have found her. She is not only very professional but a very warm and kind person.



At first I found therapy really difficult because it’s hard for me to talk about myself and Hilary asked so many questions. But my life has changed completely since I started seeing her. She’s helped me to find the skills and courage to make changes myself and I’ve seen the benefits of these. I feel like a much stronger person now.



I first went to see Hilary a few years ago because I wasn’t able to be assertive, either in my relationship or in work. After working together regularly, things improved for me in all areas of my life. I recently returned to her for guidance about a stressful family situation, and she has again been a huge help. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for skills and support.



I arranged to see Hilary after many years of hesitation owing to scepticism that psychotherapy could treat my deep-rooted anxiety and panic attacks. I am very glad that I finally took the plunge. Right from the start I felt that Hilary was the right person to talk to. I immediately felt at ease and was able to speak openly about everything and anything with her. Hilary was always well prepared, perceptive and patient, which helped to build a rapport between us very quickly. Her therapy has succeeded in making me see my problems in a different light: I can honestly say that I am generally more relaxed and more confident. I can now see the way out, although I am not there yet. Apart from being a very nice person who without any doubt has chosen the right profession, Hilary is a very experienced professional. I certainly intend to continue seeing her, albeit on an irregular. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.



Dear Hilary, I just wanted to say thank-you for your help. It's been a rocky road and to be honest I didn't help myself for a while. Now that I've started to, I am sure that things are only going to get better from here on in and I feel capable of getting on with life rather than just moaning about it. It is thanks to your help that all this has happened so I cannot thank-you enough. I continue to recommend you to anyone who is thinking of seeing a psychologist. Thanks again for your help and for the help that you give to others.



An excellent therapist! One of the best I've been to. You don't feel as if you're rushing to achieve progress with her and she is very knowledgeable in her field. Definitely would recommend.



Prior to living in Prague, I suffered from anxiety and depression. However, living and working abroad without the strong support system of my friends and family, proved extremely challenging for me. My anxiety and depression was much worse than ever before. Through the guidance and support of Hilary, I was able to change my attitude and thinking to not only living abroad, but also to life in general. Hilary helped identify real life strategies that I could implement in my daily life and notice significant changes and improvements. I’ve learned so much from her and would recommend her to everyone. She changed my life!



Hilary has helped me immensely with dealing with a very difficult period in my life and given me the tools to cope with the issues myself for now and in the future. I feel that she understands me, pays attention and gives me ideas for changes in my life that I am able to do. As well as her professionalism, she is also a lovely person. Her support by email in addition to the sessions has been invaluable too. I recommend her wholeheartedly.



I had a pleasure to meet Hilary as my therapist. She is very good therapist with deep knowledge of subject of addiction. We have met in very bad moment of my life (as it used to be). I worked over tools for solving my problems. We did not have enough time (due to my relocation) to finish it but even unfinished therapy resulted in realese of many of my problems with addiction. Hilary is delicate, patient-oriented and trustworthy. I hope to meet her again



Hilary’s support and understanding made my life abroad a lot easier. After 3 weeks searching for a native English speaker therapist without much luck in Prague, I ran into Hilary’s profile on the expats website. She promptly replied to my inquiry and always offered a very accommodating schedule for our sessions. This was extremely valuable knowing my free time was limited. We established a remarkable rapport since the very first day and with every session I started to regain my confidence and strength after a very rough time. Her perfect balance between listening and talking offered a very holistic approach to our sessions. While being away from home and everything that was familiar to me, Hillary provided me with invaluable support to succeed in a foreign country. She genuinely cared for me and was always ready to aid me when needed. I have worked with several therapists throughout my life and I recommend Hilary with no hesitation.



I started seeing Dr Cahalane after a recent episode of anxiety and OCD. I got solid and professional advice that I will take with me in the future. I would recommend her to anyone suffering from mental health problems!



Dr. Cahalane is a wonderful therapist...very understanding, considerate and professional. The skills she has taught me really changed my view on how I am supposed to handle certain situations and helped me to understand other people's points of view and realize that not everything is as I imagine it to be. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with bpd or any other emotional instabilities.